Automate the retrieval of CNRs, imaging and decoded billing histories for your client files in minutes

Improve your file efficiency with easier and faster requests for your clients' full legal medical record. Get 100% digital records delivered in multiple formats to your computer.

Prestigious personal injury firms of all sizes are gaining an advantage
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20 day

average turnaround time from any provider within north america


single authorization required for the lifetime of the client file


average labour, material and time savings for our clients

A purpose built legal solution with insider hospital knowledge

We've built a network of healthcare providers to get your client records faster. Our proprietary authorizations have been developed hand in hand with hospitals and regulatory bodies to ensure you obtain your records in as little as 2 days - on the first request.

How it works

1. Add a client
Scan paper authorizations or use email authorizations with verified e-signature
2. Request CNRs
Request client CNRs and billing history in just two clicks from any provider in North America
3. Receive records
Receive requests through MedChart in PDF, CSV, DICOM, and video formats

What's in it for you

Fully automated

All you need to do is upload authorizations and request records. Follow ups, digitization, processing and payment are all handled by our technology.

Faster fulfillment

Our partner network averages a 2 day turnaround because they use MedChart to release records. 20 day average turnaround time for all other providers.

Reduced overhead

Your time and personnel are extremely valuable. We help your clerks focus on more high level executive tasks instead of waiting on records and follow ups.

Auto form fill

Both authorizations and request forms are auto populated so that you save time and every request includes exactly what you need to receive client records.

E-Sig Authorization

Get clients to sign authorizations for their records through just a single email. No need to have clients come to the office just to sign a form.

No static images

Every digital record is processed using optical character recognition (OCR) meaning PDFs are searchable and histories are available as CSV files
"MedChart has helped me tremendously, we are always trying to find ways to reduce cost. The more that a clerk is able to do beyond being bogged down on requests for medicals and follow-ups, the more they are able to do more executive work."
Rene A. Clonfero,
"In 5 minutes for a client using MedChart I accomplish what took me 30-45 minutes dealing with request letters and follow-up work. I really like that I can keep getting updates on the request without having to do any more work."
Leeann Slade,
Law Clerk

Request your client's comprehensive medical record today

- Clinical notes and records (CNRs)
- Diagnostic imaging
- Ambulance call reports
- OHIP decoded histories
- Prescription summaries
- Physiotherapy records
- Chiropractic records
- Psychiatry records
- Psychology records
- Speech pathology records
- Emergency room records
- and many more


requests fulfilled


providers requested


fulfillment rate

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