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The simple & secure way to request, access and control medical records digitally

Built specifically to connect law firms, hospitals, insurance and health provider networks

Trusted by hundreds of partners, clients and government organizations
Access your personal medical records here (for patients and individuals)

A purpose built solution for your specific organization

Law firms

Drastically reduce your time and effort to retrieve medical records. Get CNRs, imaging files, auto decoded OHIP histories and more. All in an electronic format.


Reduce your time and labour costs for fulfilling record requests by 80%. Your hospital is instantly more efficient and the best part is it's completely FREE!


Eliminate the stress, time, and cost of fulfilling release of information requests. Automate and digitize all record sharing and requests.

The only platform that connects medical records with explicit individual consent

We work directly with lawyers, insurance and health care organizations to provide the most holistic and secure solution available for both requestors and providers. Our leading regulatory compliance and purpose-built requestor tools ensure the fastest and most complete fulfillment for release of information.

Faster fulfillment for requestors and providers

We've built a network of health providers that are able to fulfill record requests consistently within 1-2 business days of receiving a MedChart request

Fully digitized and searchable

Every record is processed using optical character recognition (OCR) to ensure it's fully searchable and accessible on any computer without any manual work.

Completely secure

Best in class security combined with our unique consent engine ensures patients, individuals, firms, and providers have an unmatched level of control and security over who can access data
"MedChart has helped me tremendously, we are always trying to find ways to reduce cost. The more that a clerk is able to do beyond being bogged down on requests for medicals and follow-ups, the more they are able to do more executive work."
Rene A. Clonfero,
“It’s the patients’ data, MedChart lets them own it and do what they want with it. The software digitally enables good people to do good work, it’s really a no brainer.”
David A. Jaffray,
EVP, Technology & Innovation

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