Transforming Health Information Retrieval Through Innovation

+ Move clients from enquiry to policy in less time with digital request and release of health information

+ Accelerate business growth with purpose-built technology and data insights

+ Co-create solutions with industry innovators to tackle current needs and address tomorrow’s priorities

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Building Digital, Scalable, Data-Driven Customer Experiences

Medchart’s digital-first approach and commitment to innovation provides best-in-class performance.

Medchart’s advanced digital consent engine solves for regulatory complexity by selecting the most intuitive authorization for approvals.  

Our cloud-based operating platform is easily customizable to your underwriting processes and software. Digital workflows provide greater visibility to key performance metrics, drive faster cycle times, and arm decision-makers with data to fast-track underwriting and claims processes.

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Digital-First Approach
Streamlines Workflows

Digitize Paper & Analyze
Electronic Information

Track Data Requests
& Status in One Place

Shorten Retrieval
Cycle Times

We’re transforming health information retrieval by replacing antiquated processes and systems.

Advanced analytics, seamless workflow, faster processing of medical records. Medchart can help power your business.

Actively Expanding For Unparalleled Access

Growing a National Connected Health Network

Our secure connected network is rapidly expanding to broaden available datasets. With Medchart, get more timely access to EMR, prescription, billing and laboratory data.

Actively adding data sources to our connected network:

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Healthcare Providers

Pharmacy Partners

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Laboratory Network

Zealous Commitment to Data Security and Privacy


Encrypted data: AES 256 bit encryption at rest and in transit


Compliant with federal and provincial privacy policies

Local Servers

Hosted on Microsoft Azure servers in Canada with redundancies


Annual privacy, threat risk and penetration testing with partners


Powering an Industry Shift

Strengthened by AI and machine learning capabilities, Medchart is investing to help push the industry forward with actionable insights and deep technical expertise.

Medchart is innovating with key insurance partners to identify data patterns and unlock predictive insights.

We empower underwriters and claims adjustors to be more efficient while supporting complex cases.

Personal Claim History example

Digitize Paper

Every medical record retrieved is scanned and processed using optical character recognition. Produced in an accessible PDF format with fully searchable text.

Summary Report

Reduce time to analyze records with intelligent tagging that generates data insights making it easier to identify diagnosis, impairment, and medication considerations.

Document Classification

Document classification allows the swift retrieval of the relevant information. Records are sorted and categorized by type.

We’re always improving what’s possible. We are the innovation partner of choice.  
We’re changing how underwriting is done today.

We’re creating a digital medical records retrieval platform that will fundamentally change how underwriting is done.