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Receive, track, and release patient chart requests

Join 500+ providers who receive and release requests for health records and medical imaging online

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The all in one tool for health information release

One request inbox

Receive digital requests for medical records from any requester online

Online payment

Requesters are able to pay pre-payment or additional fees online via credit card.

Digital release

Release any health record or diagnostic image from an EMR, PACS or paper record.

Track and audit

Every action, step, and fee is tracked automatically so you have a complete audit history.



Use Medchart as a tool in your health records department or integrate requests directly into your HIS.


Easily fulfill requests as a sole practitioner or centralize patient chart requests across your clinic group.

Allied health

RMTs, physiotherapists, and other allied health professionals use Medchart to track their requests.

Community care

Receive all requests for health information to a single online account no matter where you are.

Empowering you with easy digital release

We partner with every practice using Medchart to provide the best possible experience for staff, patients and requesters.

Reduced material costs

Reduce the amount of CDs, USBs, mail, fax, and time spent releasing health records and medical imaging. Use a single system to receive, track, invoice and release digitally.

You keep 100% of your fees

You define your fee schedule. Medchart allows you to configure custom pre-payments for different requesters and set additional fees for any work completed for a release. We handle payment and you receive 100% of the fee.

Streamline APS release

Receive Dynacare APS requests digitally through Medchart. Complete forms and release records all online. Easily manage workflow between the release of information staff and physician.

Paper or hybrid environments

Medchart allows your to simply upload any file directly from your computer. That means we're compatible with any EMR or paper record and can work in hybrid environments. We can also integrate directly with RIS/PACS servers.

Live and coming soon integrations

Helping you find efficiency at every step

Focus on running your practice without worrying about tracking record requests


How do you benefit?

Receive requests to a single inbox
Configure your custom fees
Require pre-payment to submit
Require payment before release
Improve privacy and security
Only offer specific record types
Full audit history of all actions
Improve request quality
No more CDs, USBs, mail or fax
Better staff and patient experience
Reduce risk of breach or errors
Constantly improving product


Simplify release of medical records

Our guiding principal

Patient privacy

Every transfer of patient health information happens with explicit patient consent. You maintain control over verifying the consent as well as what parts of the record are approved for release.

Pipeda Compliant

Privacy compliance

Medchart complies with all federal and provincial privacy legislation including HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, PIPA, PHIA, HIA, and more.

Bank level security

We employ bank level security to encrypt sensitive information in transit and at rest. Third party penetration testing validates our security.

Patient mediated exchange

Every transfer of health information happens with explicit patient consent. Our consent engine ensures patients always provide authorization.

Medchart is free of charge to your practice

Focus on your practice without having to keep track of record requests