Gain actionable insights using artificial intelligence

Providing improved data quality and actionable insights for personal injury, insurance and research.

Optical Character Recognition feature

Optical character recognition

Records are processed through optical character recognition (OCR), meaning that flat image files and scans are converted to structured documents with machine-encoded text.

Text is 100% searchable

Improved data quality


Data extraction

Extract medical histories into a clear and concise excel format. This gives you immediate boosts in legibility and allows you to take insights

Improved document and information readability

Sort and filter information

Graph clinic visits for enhanced insights

Personal Claim History data graphic
Diagnosis, condition, and medication tagging graphic

Diagnosis, condition, and medication tagging

Automatically tag impairments and medications from physician notes, medical records and other health information sources.

Automatically tag impairments

Validate output to improve results


Chronological sorting

Sort medical histories, physician notes and health information in chronological order based on the time of visits and procedures.

Automatically order medical records based on date

Chronological sorting graphic
Categorization example graphic


Categorize health information based on specific record type for faster reference and filing.

Categorize based on type of health information