Gain actionable insights using AI powered digital analysis

Leverage a 360 degree view of key impairments and health impacts for personal injury, insurance and research.

Optical Character Recognition feature

Smart character recognition

Processed through our Smart Optical Character Recognition (sOCR) technology,  records are converted into structured documents indexed by date, conditions and providers.

Documents are 100% searchable

Enriched data quality

Referenceable data points

Data extraction

Extract medical histories into clickable tables directly referenced to the original records. Gain immediate insights from a 360 degree view of impairments and health impacts.

Improved document and information readability

Significantly reduce time to insights

Faster and more accurate decision making

Personal Claim History data graphic
Diagnosis, condition, and medication tagging graphic

Diagnosis, condition, and medication tagging

Automatically tag impairments and medications from physician notes, medical records and other health information sources.

Rapidly construct impairment and medication histories

Establish valuable correlations between conditions
and associated treatments

It changed the way we run our firm.

"You have a system in place that allows you to get records in a timely manner with a team at Medchart who is always on your side."

Shazia Pervez


Chronological sorting

Sort medical histories, physician notes and health information in chronological order based on the time of visits and procedures.

Automatically order diagnoses, conditions and treatments by date

Support the cross reference of medical insights and external events

Chronological sorting graphic
Categorization example graphic

Build key narratives with your data

Leverage professional grade medical expertise through predictive modelling processes, deep insights and actionable outcomes.

Meaningful insights through professional grade medical assessments

Deep historical analyses of symptoms, complications and medications

Medical summaries that create critical patient health narratives