We're all about connecting medical records in a way that's never been done before

It's our mission to make it easier for you to access and share your medical records. We want to give you a network of services to leverage your data

We have a great group of people who believe in our vision

Our Approach

We are committed to creating an amazing network of health providers and third party services that are integrated with the MedChart ecosystem. When you request records on MedChart, from any provider, those records are available to you as quickly as possible. When you want to share those records with other health practitioners and third parties, you will be able to do that instantly - at the click of a button.

We’re transferring the choice and control of sharing your medical records into your hands!

What makes us different


We exceed the strict rules, regulation and legislation that deal with handling and providing you access to your health information.


Unlike most record retrieval systems, we get you your full legal health record and billing history. Not just a summary.


This allows us to be the easiest and most secure way to access your complete medical history at the click of a button.

An experienced and passionate leadership team

Derrick Chow,
C0O, Co-Founder
Juliana Doxey,
Director, Clients & Privacy
James Bateman,
CEO, Co-Founder
Dennis Giokas,
Luca Gobbi,
VP, Software Engineering
Alex Hrynkiewicz,
Director, Marketing
We are partnered with a great ecosystem of organizations who share our vision

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