Automate your release of information process with digital fulfillment

Turn your required services into a revenue generator through automation and high quality digital release of medical records and diagnostic imaging

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2 day

average record release time when using Medchart


of requests released within 48 hours of request


average labour, material and time savings

Automate and streamline the RoI process

1. Request
Accept all release of information (RoI) requests electronically through MedChart Chart Assist
2. Authorize
Authorizations are captured online with verified e-sig (PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant)
3. Payment
Payment is processed by MedChart at the time of request (receivables are sent by direct deposit)
4. Record Release
Digital records are released using MedChart accounts in multiple formats (PDF, DICOM, etc)

What's in it for you

Quality assurance

Ensure every request authorization is completely filled and that digital records are of the highest quality.

Turn a profit

Turn your required RoI services into a profit with 80% reduced material and labour costs. Integration increases your profit.

Privacy reporting

Enhance your privacy compliance and reporting practices with automated reports for all requests filled through MedChart.

Imaging Viewer

MedChart includes a built in imaging file viewer so internal requests can watch imaging right away.

Fee recovery

Internal billing and accounts receivable are eliminated while you recover 100% of fees for record requests.

No material costs

Allow your patients and third party requestors to share or download files using their desired method or format.
“MedChart has not only been essential in our daily nursing operations, I have also been using the service personally for my family.”
Sherry Hnatyshyn-Webster,
“It’s the patients’ data, MedChart lets them own it and do what they want with it. The software digitally enables good people to do good work, it’s really a no brainer.”
David A. Jaffray,
EVP, Technology & Innovation
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We process absolutely every type of record - not just imaging

- Operative results
- Pathology records
- Physician notes
- Diagnostic imaging files
- Consultation notes
- Physiotherapy records
- Discharging summaries
- Emergency room records
- Requests for ODSP
- Ambulance call reports
- Statement of accounts
- Prescirption summaries


requests returned same day


requests returned next day


requests returned in 30 days

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