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You have a legal right to your records. Instantly take control of your full medical history and share it with anyone who you trust.

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What's in it for you

Complete Access

Access your full comprehensive health record. Not just summaries or imaging. You can get every record that's available.


Your medical records and information is kept safe with best in class security and sophisticated encryption technology.

Instant Control

Share parts of your record with third parties for second opinions or other reasons. Restrict access in one click at any time.

Access and share absolutely every type of record - not just imaging

- Operative results
- Pathology records
- Physician notes
- Diagnostic imaging files
- Consultation notes
- Physiotherapy records
- Discharging summaries
- Emergency room records
- Requests for ODSP
- Ambulance call reports
- Statement of accounts
- Prescirption summaries

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per request *

(no matter how large the record requested)

Get immunization records, medical reports, imaging files or clinical notes - no problem
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* While Canadians have a legal right to their medical records, physicians may charge for access to records. If your providers send us an invoice after submitting your request, you will be given an option to pay those fees through medchart. Typically it is around 30$.

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