Place a request to a connected clinic

1. Navigate to the clinic's specific request page (USE GOOGLE CHROME or MOZILLA FIREFOX):

For third party requests the URL will be in this format:{custom-text}

2. Complete the form and upload your authorization.

3. Complete any payment requested.

4. Submit your request.

Please save these items when making your request (you will need them to access the record):
a. Email address used at submission
b. Client DOB
c. PIN #

Manage your request after submitting

1. You will receive an email including a link and PIN # to access the request. (You do not need a Medchart account to access your request)

2. Click on the link.
(If you no longer have your link the format will be: app/{requestId} Just copy in your request ID at the end.)

3. Copy your PIN #, the Email Address used to make the request, and add the client's Date of Birth as it was submitted on the request.

4. If all your information is correct you will have access to your request. On this page you will be able to:

a. Provide more/updated information regarding your request (if required);

b. Complete any payment (if required);

c. Download any invoices;

d. Access released records for your client.