Employee Spotlight Series: Aman Bhalla, Head of Product

We’re pleased to announce our new Employee Spotlight Series. Starting off is Aman Bhalla, head of product. Aman is overseeing Medchart’s new, revolutionary API platform. Here he talks about challenges and advances in the health tech industry,

1. Talk about your current projects.


I am working on Medchart’s new, world-class API platform that will transform how businesses and developers around the world access and use patient-authorized health information to build the next generation of health (and health-related) applications, including virtual care, wellness, and insurance options. We’re building the infrastructure to facilitate machine-to-machine connections to Medchart’s health data supply network, connecting 10,000s of providers to third-party applications. Thus, enhancing their offerings with a complement of health data to build the next generation of billion dollar businesses.


2. What will change the course of the health tech industry?


Medical information is segregated and not in the hands of their true owner, the patient. Change is being ushered in, especially with regulations like the 21st Century Cures Act which makes data accessible to patients at a low cost and in a digital format.But there still lacks a simplistic, intuitive experience for consumers to own and manage their medical data and utilize it outside of care and treatment that healthcare providers facilitate. It’s long overdue for medical data to be democratized and put back into peoples’ hands to use as they wish.


3. What do you like best about working in health tech?


Working in health tech is an exciting industry to be in right now. With the advances in technology moving at such a rapid pace, there are new use cases emerging every day that are ripe for disruption. The opportunity to join the right team allows me to positively impact the quality of life for so many people.


In addition, direct and indirect personal experiences drew me to the health tech industry with the current challenges in the healthcare system today. From my partner being a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse to my father’s recent heart attack and heart surgery, I had a strong desire to help improve the patient experience beyond the point of care.


4. Why is health tech an emerging market for product engineers and developers?


Health tech is at an exciting place in its trajectory and is changing the way people live and work. I compare it to the start of my career at Blackberry when consumers were being introduced to the value smartphones could bring to their lives. I draw parallels to then and now with the breadth of reach and impact and how fulfilling it is to solve challenging problems with such a strong, talented team. This recipe attracts the best and brightest minds to collaborate with, who are hungry and motivated to make a difference.


5. Why is your work at Medchart so fulfilling?


At Medchart, we are empowering people to gain control over their health data and have the same level of ownership as they would their financial and social data. Our work championing the consumer-mediated exchange model is an important part of the industry’s exciting journey.


Here are a few reasons why I love working at Medchart:


1) Culture – Our team is endlessly passionate and committed to not only the company but also to one another.Everyone is striving towards a mission that they wholeheartedly believe will change the world for the greater good.


2) Vision – Our founders, DerrickChow and James Bateman, have a compelling vision that inspires the team to build ground-breaking, extraordinary products.  


3) Empowerment – The team takes an outcomes-based approach; instead of being told what features to build, the team is empowered to bring solutions to market that delight customers and solve their problems.