Easy digital record requests for your clinics and healthcare providers

We want to help improve your products and services. Instantly automate the release of medical records and diagnostic imaging with your provider network to ensure seamless fulfillment for clinics, physicians and other health providers.

The easiest and fastest way to fulfill release of information requests

We automate release of information requests so you spend less time fulfilling required services and more time running your clinic or healthcare practice. Our statistics speak for themselves with 71% requests fulfilled within 48 hours.

Your clinics and healthcare provider benefits

Automated requests

No more legwork to fulfill or request records. All follow-ups, requests, storage and transmission are done by MedChart.

Faster Fulfillment

Our partner providers see 1 day average record return times so you either send or get records faster.

Explicit Consent

Our system authorizations ensure that any transfer of information is backed with an informed and explicit consent.

Quality assurance

Ensure every request authorization is completely filled and that digital records are of the highest quality.

Turn a profit

Turn your required RoI services into a profit with 80% reduced material and labour costs. Integration increases your profit.

Privacy reporting

Enhance your privacy compliance and reporting practices with automated reports for all requests filled through MedChart.

Imaging Viewer

MedChart includes a built in imaging file viewer so internal requests can watch imaging right away.

Fee recovery

Internal billing and accounts receivable are eliminated while you recover 100% of fees for record requests.

No material costs

Eliminate burning CDs and copying thumb drives with no paper or manual data entry required.
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requests returned next day


requests returned in 30 days

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