Supporting your clients' best interest through the use of information technology

Improving compliance with your law society's rules of professional conduct

Performing services in a timely and cost effective manner

Our flat request fee ultimately saves your firm money while allowing support staff to focus on higher priority and more time efficient tasks in the interest of clients. It's also possible to recoup costs when sharing records through our Medchart.

Improved privacy, security and disaster management

Our technology, processes and physical operations have undergone strict security and privacy testing from both government and private institutions. We improve the safety and privacy of your client's personal health information while also acting as a back-up of data in the event of a disaster management scenario at your firm.

Tap into our network of healthcare providers. Any request to a Medchart connected provider is digitally fulfilled in just days.

Cross jurisdictional compliance with privacy legislation

Using a Medchart universal consent ensures that your request complies with privacy legislation regardless of the provincial or international jurisdiction the request is being made.

Productivity and analysis enhancements

Records arrive 100% digital with optical character recognition enabling you to immediately search key words as well as perform data analysis on our excel file billing histories.

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